Trailer: Red Christmas

Time for another trailer… and I think I found a good one. I’m not sure how I missed this one since it seems to have many of the elements I’m looking for in a horror movie, but here it is nonetheless. Red Christmas is an Australian horror-comedy that’s been making a big splash over-seas and is coming our way soon. In fact, I think it’s already out in limited release. If not, keep an eye out for it in the next few weeks. Based on the trailer, it seems like a healthy mix of scares and laughs. Plus, it stars horror-legend Dee Wallace (from The Howling, The Hills Have Eyes, Critters, Cujo and also E.T. (technically not a horror, but for some reason that movie terrified me as a child)). One last piece of advice, after watching the trailer if you’re interested in the film, don’t do any more googling. While researching the movie, the second link I clicked on ruined a big part of the film. So, be careful out there.

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