Day 27: Trailer – Flatliners (2017)

My wife and I went to the movies last night and saw the wonderfully entertaining Baby Driver. It’s definitely worth seeing, as long as you don’t pull too hard at any threads… just try to sit back and experience it. I would write more, but it’s clearly not a horror movie. Instead, I want to share with you a preview we saw before the film. “Share with you” sounds like I found something amazing that I want to bring to your attention… that’s not accurate in the least… so, maybe I should say, I want to expose you to what I was forced to watch: the trailer for the 2017 remake of Flatliners (to be fair, they’re claiming that it’s not a remake since one of the original cast members is reportedly reprising their role from the original… but, man, the preview sure makes it seems like a pretty standard retread). I’m not one of those people that instantaneously maligns remakes. In fact, I’m a big fan of Snyder’s take on Dawn of the Dead (and nearly nothing else he has done since), even though the original is one of my all-time favorite movies. He did something different and new with the premise. This film, on the other hand, seems like a tired retread of a rather mediocre film from 1990. There are tons of creative minds in modern horror, so, this seems pointless and a waste of everyone’s time. Anyway, take a look at the preview and let me know if you have a different take. Also, I know that’s two fairly negative posts in a row… I promise that the next one (a write-up of Train to Busan will be much more positive).

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