Day 20: Recommendation – Birth of the Living Dead (2012)

I watched a solid movie this afternoon called We Are Still Here. However, I’m not going to get a chance to write it up until tomorrow. I don’t want to leave you hanging, so, I’m offering this trifle of a post. Not surprisingly, I’ve been thinking about Romero and what he meant to me. Wanting to share a bit of that, led me to consider some recommendations. You obviously can’t go wrong with the classic trilogy (i.e. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead). Also, since they are stand-alone movies, you can really jump in anywhere (though, I wouldn’t recommend starting with Day). In the end, recommending his classics seems a bit on-the-nose. You can also check out the 1973 movie The Crazies (there was actually a not-too-bad remake a few years back, but I would suggest starting with the classic). And, you can’t go wrong with Creepshow. I plan on doing a bit deeper of a dive into Romero’s work over the coming weeks (i.e. writing up his non-zombie stuff). So, while you’re waiting for that, might I suggest viewing the 2012 documentary Birth of the Living Dead (I’ve included a preview above). It follows the creation and filming of Noght of the Living Dead. For those of you who are big fans, It doesn’t reveal any new information. However, it has two major strengths. First, it does an excellent job of placing NotLD in the time in which it came out. Second, the filmmaker (Rob Kuhn) has true reverence for the man and his art, and this comes through in spades. If you’re feeling bummed, this will shine a bit of light.

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