Day 13: Welcome Back… again

So, I made it two weeks before having to drop off again. However, this time it wasn’t because of waning interest… in fact, if anything, my interest was fully waxing. I had really fallen into a nice groove and figured out how to supplement my endless rounds of Netflix Roulette. I had even watched two movies (more on this in a bit) that I had ever intention of writing up… and then? Life got in the way. I can attribute my (brief) abandonment of the blog to three life events. The first two are somewhat private, though absolutely awesome (I’m not that private of a person, but speaking about good fortune in a public document seems a bit gauche (or, at the very least, inviting ill fortune (I blame my wife for this new-found streak of superstition))… and, in reality, I probably could have worked around these two things events to produce a slow trickle of posts. No, when I look back, I can really only blame one thing: my dumb, narrow carpal tunnels and my stubbornness… ok, so, really two things, in combination (which, I argue is a single event… so, I stand my previous “one thing” assertion). I won’t go into detail, but anyone who’s had to deal with CTS knows that it’s no joke… especially if it’s the first bout (which, this is) and the person (me) doesn’t really understand the “rules” yet. Needless to say, I tried to just “play through the pain”… this ended with me in a brace having to try to teach myself to do nearly everything left-handed for a month. I tried to keep up the blog but after getting halfway through a one-handed paragraph and then a half-a-page of dictated dribble, I realized that while I could probably get stuff out, the new process of writing caused me to lose my “voice”.

All of that serves as an explanation… take or it or leave it, but either way I’m back, and just the same as ever (to say “better than ever” would require a psychic power I don’t possess (and again, it seems to invite disaster (thanks again, honey)). The good news is that this hasn’t set me too far back in terms of my overall goal (i.e. 99 posts by the end of the year). I went from needing 2.97 posts a week to 3.44 (you’re welcome for keeping it to two decimal places… even though it makes my inner mathematician actively nauseous).

Expect a few more posts this week. First, I have the two movies, I watched last month to write up. It’s been awhile, so, I apologize if they’re not as thorough or detailed as usual… however, since they build off of my last post, it only seems right that I finish them.

Until tomorrow!

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