Day 1: Welcome Back

Okay… so, it’s been awhile… nearly a year in fact… 341 days to be exact. I’m sure I’ve completely lost my loyal (and small) band of readers. To make matters worse, I have no excuse. Life has been busy, but not so busy that I didn’t have time to post. I haven’t even stopped watching movies… though, I did get a bit burnt out and I have been giving horror movies somewhat of a wide birth. That’s not to say I’ve stopped watching them in total… just that I haven’t been seeking them out. Regardless, the summer is here and I find myself with (a bit) more free time… just enough to pick the blog back up again. More importantly, I’ve missed this… I’ve missed the good, the bad, the in-between; the stream-of-consciousness-writing; the re-discovery of my love for movies; and on and on and on.

Here’s the issue: when I first started this two summers ago, I took it on with too much gusto… my usually level of obsessiveness led to a hobby that became a joy and devolved into a chore. Therefore, I’ve had to step back and reassess. At first, I thought maybe I would just take the post-whenever-I-feel-an-inkling approach… wait, that’s not accurate… I didn’t think that… I’ve actually been working that way since last June, and you can clearly see how well that works. It led to exactly zero posts. No, I need a conceit, a motivation, a goal. So, over the past month as my day job has been winding down, I’ve been agonizing over how to create something that is faithful to what I’ve been doing over the past two years while at the same time feels fresh and keeps me (and hopefully you) coming back. I won’t list the ideas I came up with (mostly out of fear of leaving you disappointed that I didn’t go with one that you would have preferred)… but, I will say that none of them felt right. That’s when I took a step back and looked at the history of my blog. “99 Day of Horror”… a title that seemed catchy… in fact, when I first came up with it, I actually had no idea what it meant. I finally realized that there were just about ninety-nine days in a summer and therefore, if I posted every day, I would give the title justice. Well, you all know how that went… I gave it the old-college try and handily missed the mark. I continued posting infrequently during 2016 and didn’t give the name of my blog another thought. As I reflected on it last week, I realized that the title works… but in a way that feels less like a grind and more like an achievable goal, which can lead to a schedule, which will result in actual posts.

Here it is: There will be a total of 99 posts this year. As you probably noticed I’ve changed the naming conceit of the blog. Today (since it is the first post this year) is Day 1. The next post, be it tomorrow or the day after will be Day 2, and so on. The math-nerd in me couldn’t help but calculate what that means in terms of a rate. For those of you who are curious it means I have to post, on average, every 2.17 days (that rate will change depending on my drive and production of content (yes, I will keep you updated)). That is a steady, and somewhat daunting pace. Therefore, I’m calling it now: not every post will be a movie write-up. Some will be me sharing and commenting on trailers, just random thoughts, lists, etc. You will get ninety-nine days of content from me and my goal is that a majority of them will be full write-ups.

I was debating whether or not to discuss one of the movies I saw during my hiatus, but instead, I decided on just a clear (well, as clear as I’m capable as being) mission statement.

See you tomorrow… or the day after… though, probably tomorrow…

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