Trailer: Green Inferno

Hello all! My orientation/training went well. The only bad news is that I’m too busy to write up my thoughts on last night’s Fear the Walking Dead (we’re going to have to talk about that title). The short version is that I liked it, though there were some problems (which, I think will resolve themselves shortly). More tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s another trailer for a movie I’m really looking forward to. I have a soft spot for Eli Roth. Cabin Fever is a really fun low-budget romp and I truly think he was able to make Hostel and Hostel II (which, I think is actually the superior of the two) rise above the major failings of what some refer to as torture-porn. There is an interesting history behind Green Inferno. The production was fascinating and it took him quite a while to get distribution. It looks like it could be fun… or horribly ethnocentric… I’m guessing/hoping it’s the former…

Let me know what you think.

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