More Tomorrow

One more day and I’ll be back with some full posts. So, here’s a schedule of what I have planned for the remained of the week:

  • Wednesday – Play another round of Netflix Roulette and then write about it in the afternoon. Then, in the evening, I’m getting together with a couple of friends to watch Human Centipede III (Final Sequence), so get ready for that on Thursday… sorry, in advance…
  • Thursday – I write up my Human Centipede III experience… if I can stomach it. To wash that taste out of my mouth I’ll probably revisit The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in the afternoon. Keep an eye out for a post on that on Friday.
  • Friday –Insidious marathon.
  • Saturday – I’ll write up my thoughts on the Insidious trilogy, which I’ll probably post later in the evening.
  • Sunday – My weekly roundup post

See you all tomorrow…. Can’t wait!


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