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Weekly Roundup: August 17 – 23


So, for my first week back I was only able to watch two movies.

  • Grabbers (2012)
  • The Mirror (2014)

These movies were about as far apart as two movies could be:

  • Worth Seeking Out (i.e. Worth Paying For): Grabbers (2012) almost made it to this level, but since there really wasn’t anything original about it, I had to bump it down a level.
  • Worth Watching via Free Streaming: Grabbers (2012)
  • Worth Watching on an International Flight or While Doing Work: Nothing this week.
  • Worth Avoiding and Doing Something Better with Your Time: The Mirror (2014)

Grabbers (2012) made it on the list. Also, I’ve gone back over these movies and decided that some reorganization was need. So, here’s the latest draft:

  1. Housebound
  2. Pontypool
  3. The House at the End of Time
  4. Here Comes the Devil
  5. The Nightmare
  6. Grabbers
  7. Honeymoon
  8. Starry Eyes
  9. Stake Land
  10. The Taking of Deborah Logan

I have orientation at my new job tomorrow and Tuesday. Therefore, don’t expect a full post until Wednesday. That being said, I’m planning on watching the premier of Fear the Walking Dead tonight. I’ll probably write a short post with my (spoiler free) thoughts on this spinoff.

See you tomorrow!


Random Thoughts: A Possible Change (or Changes… Really an Addition (or Additions)) to Our Regularly Scheduled Program


This is going to be a short one, but I wanted to get your opinion on a few changes I’m thinking of making. To be fair, they aren’t really changes… more like additions. Specifically, I’m thinking of adding a couple new categories of postings. While I love playing Netflix Roulette, at times, it can feel a bit soul-sucking (especially when I hit a bad patch of movies). I also enjoy revisiting classic horror movies… at the same time, though, the summer is finite and I would rather spend more of my time discovering new stuff. In reality, I often use the Classics Revisited as a way to cleanse my palate after a particularly bad movie. So, in order to achieve both ends: watching new content and being able to wash the bad taste out of my mouth, I am considering adding two new categories to the blog:

  1. Reader Recommendation (or something more cleaver once I’ve had time to think about it) – This would be exactly what it sounds like… you recommend something and if I haven’t seen it, I’ll watch it and write up my thoughts. I’ve already gotten a couple of recommendation (As Below so Above and Pontypool), but this category will only work if you keep sending more my way. They can be from any time-period, any country, anything… as long as I haven’t seen it and I can find it (by whatever means) I’ll watch it and give my honest thoughts on the film
  2. Televised Horror (also working on a better title) – We are in a new golden age of television and there are quite a few horror series on right now. I’m already caught up with The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, but there are a few other current options like the Scream reboot on MTV (to be honest, I’m not psyched about having to watch a show on MTV) as well as Eli Roth’s Hemlock Grove which is on Netflix. That may be a good option since it looks like we may never see his Green Inferno It might be fun to watch one or two episode of this during the week and write up my thoughts episode-by-episode. Thoughts?

Again, I’d love to hear your feedback.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a weekly roundup.